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Week 2



Fractions are where a whole shape, object or numbers is split into EQUAL parts.

Get a piece of paper and cut it into a square, (ask an adult for help or watch the video below).  Then I want you to find different ways you can fold the paper so that you have 4 equal parts. 

Read through the slides below and discuss the answers with an adult.

When you have finished go on to Purple Mash and complete the maths work for today, called Monday Fractions.


Make a Square from a Rectangular Paper

Learn how to fold and cut a rectangular piece of paper into square. Recall that a square has four equal sides.


There is a video to watch and 2 activities.

Watch the video and read through the slides to complete the worksheet (you will also find the worksheet on Purple Mash).



Wednesday - Fractions

Today your fractions learning continues.

Click on the link below start.

1. Watch the video to remind you abut fractions.

2. Activity 1 - either print the sheet out and complete or write your answers on a piece of paper and take a picture and upload it to Purple Mash.

3. Activity 2 - I have attached the sheet on the pictures below for you to complete.

4. Activity 3 - Play the fractions level of karate cats maths on the link below.


Today we are going to find the fraction of a number.  Watch the videos on the link below and then complete the worksheet.


Times tables practice.

Go on to Times tables rock stars and practice your times tables for 15 to 20 minuets.  


Alternatively, use the link below to practice using 'Hit the button' website.