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Week 2

Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger

Listen to the story of 'Inky the Octopus'.

Can you draw me a picture of what you think Inky looks like. 

This week we are going to be exploring all the facts we can find out about how an Octopus lives. 

Can you write a sentence below your picture to tell me where Inky lives at the beginning of the story? 

Where does he want to go? 

How does Inky get to the sea and how does he feel when he gets there? 

Don't forget to use 'think it, say it, count it and write it' to help you write your sentences. 

Giant Pacific Octopus 🐙 | Amazing Animals

What can you find out about 'The Giant Pacific Octopus'? I heard they have blue blood! Can you write me a fact file about an Octopus using the template above or on a piece of paper. I heard they are slippery creatures and they can move across land as well as water? Don't forget to use your phonics to sound out each word in your sentences and leave finger spaces. 

Wednesday - Finding out facts about different sea creatures

Choose another one of your favourite sea creatures and read the powerpoint with mummy and daddy. 

Can you paint your sea creature this morning. When your painting is dry you can label the different parts of your creature. How do they swim in the sea? What do they eat? 

Thursday - Making a video

Give your favourite sea creature a name and tell me a little bit about it. Make a video with your mum and dad explaining the different parts of the sea creature you made yesterday and how it lives in the sea. What does it eat? Where does it live? What colour is it? Do you think it would be friends with Inky the Octopus? 


Friday - Write the story of Inky the Octopus and his new found friend (your sea creature) 

Inky has met a new friend (your sea creature). Can you tell me what they get up to under the waves? Inky wants to make his way to the sea but starts off in a tank. Does your sea creature help him escape? Do they have a cunning plan? 

How does Inky feel when he finally makes it to the Ocean?