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Week 2

Week 2

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DIY Paper mache turtle/🐢 tortorise made up of recycled materials/ home decor item

Paper Maché Turtle

Yesterday we taped together a mash potato tray and used scrunched up paper and masking tape to make the turtles legs. We then covered our turtle in strips of wripped up magazine paper and pasted them down with flour and water glue. 
Today we have painted the turtle white so that tomorrow we can choose the colours for our turtle.

Can you look at pictures of turtles online - what colour will you paint your turtle?

What colour is the shell - can you see what shape is on the shell of some turtles? 
It was a shape with 6 sides - isn’t that amazing! 


Making Tuna and potato cakes

Whether you love your fish or find it a bit pongy - its important to find out where fish comes from and also all the different things we can make with it. 

Have a look at the picture below and see if you can spot what ingredients we will need. Can you write a list. 

With an adult see if you can find these ingredients.

3 big potatoes 

1 leek / lots of chives 





olive oil / butter 


1. Chop up your potatoes and get a grown up to put them on to boil ( you could talk about halving when you chop them)


2. Chop up the chives or leek with blunt knife. 


3. pop them in the bowl with the garlic and 1 scoop of olive oil 


4. Ask an adult to open the can of tuna. What does it smell like? Can yo have a little taste? Why is it salty?


5. Tip the Tuna in and ask your adult for the potatoes (cooled). Peel the skins off and add to the bowl. 


6. Mash it all together and mix it up. 


7. Add the egg.


8. Line a baking tray with foil or baking sheets - take a handful of your mixture roll into balls and squash onto the baking tray. Repeat.


9. Bake on at 180 degrees C for 25 - 30 mins. 


Yours will probably look better than mine as they were a bit lumpy as Miss Daniels didn't boil her potatoes for long enough! We all enjoyed them though! Have lots of fun Miss D

Exploring colour and the Ocean

Commotion in our Ocean

I woke up this morning and discovered someone had turned our Ocean purple!! 
Who do you think it could have been? Who can squirt purple ink? Can you explore colours to try and make the Ocean different colours again! 


What you will need: 


A tray 

Paint or food colouring (red, blue, yellow)




This is a great opportunity for colour mixing and discussing how different colours can be made with your child. You can also add a bit of number in and capacity depending on how engaged they are in the task.