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Week 2

Day 1 - 

I was checking my letter box and came across a letter from a fairy. She's called Lucy and needs Year One's help. She is learning how to fly, but before she does fly she has to drink a special potion to help her go really high! She is missing one thing in her potion and the King and Queen of fairyland have it! Could you write a letter to the king and queen asking for the last item? You can make the item whatever you want, chocolate drops, the queens jam tart, a special garden creation, anything! Make sure you remember your capital letters and full stops. Also, don't forget who the letter is for, why your writing the letter and why they should give you the last ingredient. 

Day 2 - 

The King and Queen read your letter and said they would love to give you the last ingredient for the potion! They said Lucy the fairy must go to their castle and collect it. Lucy doesn't know what their castle looks like so needs your help again. Can you describe their castle using the picture below then Lucy will know where to go! Make sure to use lots of adjectives!

Day 3 - 

Now Lucy has all of the potion, she needs to mix it all together! Can you write instructions for how to make the potion? You can pick whatever ingredients you like. Remember, you need the equipment you will use and the method of how to put it all together. Look at the plan below to help you. 

Day 4 - 

Lucy drank up all of the potion and has been beginning to fly! She's been everywhere in the sky. Today, she went to her friends house and they had a picnic in the hot sun. They ate lots of yummy food and played tig in the sky and hide and seek. Can you write a diary entry about Lucy's day? Start off your writing with "Dear Diary", remember you're pretending to be Lucy!

Day 5 - 

Lucy and her friends are going to have a big party! Can you describe what they all look like using the picture below? I want to see some super sentences.