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Week 2 w/c 8.6.20

Similar to last week, your writing activities are going to link to the work you’ve been doing in the adventure activities.


Day 1

Today I’d like you to think about what you learnt in the adventure lesson all about volcanoes by answering the questions and looking on the websites. I would like you to write a description today of a volcano – this has been set as a 2do on Purple Mash. There are pictures of volcanoes on there and you need to choose one to describe.


Think carefully about what we would include in our writing to describe something like a volcano. Consider the colours, the materials, the texture, the action, similes, metaphors and the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste and touch). There are pictures from the descriptosaurus below to get some ideas for vocabulary.

Day 2

Today I’d like you to think about what it may have been like to experience the volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius on the ancient city of Pompeii.


You are going to have a go at writing an eyewitness account. An eyewitness account is a first-hand account of seeing something happen. You may have heard of them in terms of crimes as when a crime occurs the police look for ‘eyewitnesses’ (people who saw the crime take place).


Eyewitness accounts are written in the first-person, they explain step-by-step what happened and describe key parts of the event.


You could structure it in this way:
Paragraph 1: Before the eruption

Paragraph 2: During the eruption

Paragraph 3: After the eruption


I’d like you to watch the recreation video of the eruption at Pompeii and imagine you are watching the eruption from afar. Then describe what you saw as an eyewitness.

A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation

Day 3

Today I’d like you to look at the different types of volcano: cinder cone, composite and shield. There is some information below that I’d like you to read so you can find out a little bit about them.


When you’ve read the information, I’d like you to summarise the information to write an information text about the three types of volcano. It’s up to you whether you’d like to just focus on one or all three. Make sure you don’t just copy the information but put it into your own words and include some writing objectives.

Day 4

Today I’d like you to have a go at writing an explanation. Your explanation is going to be about how a volcano works.


Below there are two examples of explanations: one for the water cycle and one for the solar system. Read these and try to pick out some key features of explanations to use in your own.


You may structure yours like this:

General statement – Introduce the topic.

Information – Provide extra information about the topic being covered (key facts like how many there are and where they are located).

Explanation – Write, in order, how and why volcanoes occur.

Conclusion – Provide a final explanation.

Day 5

Today I’d like you to write an argument. The argument is going to be ‘for’ and ‘against’ living near a volcano. You need to consider all you have learnt this week to think about why some people may feel ok living near a volcano and why some people wouldn’t.


Write down your own ideas for and against living near a volcano. Then look at the picture below to see some other reasons (see if you got the same ones or you can now add more to your list).


You may structure yours like this:

Introduction – Introduce the argument and a little background about why it is being written

Paragraph 1 – Reasons for living near a volcano

Paragraph 2 – Reasons against living near a volcano

Conclusion – Summary of key points and a final comment