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Week 2 w/c 8.6.20

Day 1

Similar to last week, your first job this week is to read the chapter that we'll be working on this week. This is chapter 3 (you should have seen that you needed to read chapter 2 over the weekend). You can watch the video below and I'll read the first part of the chapter to you. Then go to the previous page to find the link again to the rest of the book.


Remember that reading it may take you a little while so you could keep taking breaks and could even see if someone would read some of it to you as well. As you are reading, like we do in school, stop at different times to think about what has happened. Whilst you are reading, I'd like you to make some notes of key events that happen and the main characters so you can keep along with the story.

Kensuke Chapter 3

Day 2

In this chapter there are different logs of what happened on specific dates. To help you understand what happened during their journey on the Peggy Sue, I would like you to work through each log and answer these questions about them.


You could then choose one of the logs to create a storyboard for it with drawings and writing underneath.
1. When was it written?

2. Where was it written?

3. What were the three family members each doing in the entry?

4. How were the characters feeling?

5. What key event/s happened?


Day 3

Today I’d like you to think about the places that the family visited on their voyage. Work through this chapter and find the places where the family went, the dates they were there and what they did there: it may have been that they just saw the place or that they stayed for a number of weeks and explored.


Day 4

I’d like you to use some of the work you did yesterday about where in the world the family travelled. Today use google maps to find where these places are in the world and then choose one of them to do some research into.


You could find out which continent it is on, if there are any famous landmarks, what the climate is like, what kind of animals live there


Here is the link to google maps


Day 5

Today we are going to think about the reading skills of prediction, retrieval and inference.


First re-read the last part of the chapter where Michael and Stella fall overboard. Think about the character’s thoughts and feelings that may have happened during this event. Now have a go at predicting what happens next to Michael and Stella. Once you have made your prediction, have a go at answering the questions below.

1. Why do you think Chapter 3 is called ‘Ship’s Log’?

2. How many miles per day did the family travel? How many did they want to do?

3. Describe what happened to the family when they reached the Bay of Biscay?

4. Why was Michael so excited to visit Brazil?

5. What game do Michael’s family play?

6. Describe how the family spent Christmas day?

7. Michael was very excited to visit Africa. How would you feel if you visited Africa? What would you like to see?

8. Describe the events of February 7th.

9. What must Stella wear on deck?

10. What does Michael believe is wrong with his mother’s stomach?

11. Why do you think the pages in the log book were blank after July 28?