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Week 3 - 15.06.20


Flat Stanley - Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown




Day 1 - Vocabulary 

  1. Start by reading the extract.
  2. Then read again, this time make notes of any words you don't understand. Write down what the word is and then fund the definition of the word. 
  3. Now make note of any adjectives you can find. Then, use a thesaurus to see if  you can find an even better word


Day 2 - Comprehension 

Answer the following questions based on the text. 

  1. What time of day is the story set in? How do you know?
  2. How does Mr Lambchop remind Arthur about being polite?
  3. What had happened during the night?
  4. Why is it a surprise that Stanley isn't hurt?
  5. What was the bulletin board used for?
  6. What does Mr Lambchop compare Stanley's new flat shape to?
  7. What do you think about how Mr and Mrs Lambchop reacted to the accident?
  8. Why does Doctor Dan need to keep an eye on Stanley?
  9. How do you think Stanley is feeling at the end of the chapter?


Day 3 - Inference and retrieval

For this task, you are going to need both your inference and retrieval skills. Imagine you are the doctor and you need to fill out Stanley's medical form. You must use what you can retrieve and infer from the text to complete his medical form. 


Day 4 - Sequencing

In reading tests, you will often find a question that asks you to put the main events of the text in order. let's practice this today! To start with, put the following events in the correct order by numbering them. When we put events in order, it's important to use our common sense and think about the logical order. Make sure you also check your final order! 


  • Nathan checked to make sure he had spelt the words correctly.  
  • Nathan got out his spelling book and pencil. 
  • He wrote the words his teacher read out. 
  • Nathan listened carefully as his teach read out the spelling words. 
  • He opened his book and wrote the date. 


Now let's sort the order of Flat Stanley. What is the order that you think things happened?


  • Stanley came out of the doctor's office with a sticker. 
  • Stanley waited anxiously for his name to be called. 
  • Stanley and his mum walked to the doctor's surgery. 
  • Stanley's mum told the receptionist they had arrived. 
  • He saw his name flash up on the board. 


Day 5 - Postcard

Imagine you're flat Stanley. You've woken up flat, and to cheer yourself up you go on holiday. You decide to write a postcard back to your family telling them all about your adventure. Where are you? How did you get there? What have you been up to? What have you seen? Has anything gone wrong? Remember... You're flat! So what you write down should be a little different to a normal holiday.