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Week 3

Finding one more and one less than a given number to 20

Below is a video showing how to help your child find one more or one less than a given number to 20 with sea creatures. This is really good practise for them moving into Yr 1. 


Counting the total amount and one more than / less than

Still image for this video

Cut out Sea creatures for practising division and sharing into equal groups

Cut out the sea creatures and practise sharing into two equal groups (groups that have the same amount. How many numbers can you find that make two equal groups with your creatures?

These are even numbers!
If you have 7 sea creatures can you share these into two equal groups? 

(The groups have different amounts - how many odd numbers can you find) 


Odd and Even numbers / sharing into equal groups

Still image for this video

Colour and count sea creatures

Why not have a go at spotting different amounts of sea creatures below. Write how many you find in total at the top of the page!