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Week 3 w/c 15.6.20

Day 1

Today your job is to read the fourth chapter. This may take you a little while so you could keep taking breaks and could even see if someone would read some of it to you as well. As you are reading, like we do in school, stop at different times to think about what has happened. You could even write some notes of the key events to help you understand the story.


Day 2

For today’s activity you are going to have a go at a summarising task to help you understand the whole chapter. Remember that ‘to summarise’ means that you think of the main, key events rather than small parts.


Use the flow diagram with 8 boxes and the first and last filled in. Put in the rest of the main points to have the whole chapter summarised. 


If you wanted to you could complete a 2do I've set on Purple Mash where you draw the chapter in a storyboard to summarise it too.


Day 3

Today you are going to be looking more in depth at the description of the island from this chapter.


Go through the chapter again to find the parts that describe the island. Then you can either use the outline of the island that I’ve linked below, or you can draw your own outline.


Then draw and label the different parts of the island that are described. This is like a find and copy activity because you can find the parts from the text and copy them down around your picture - just like we would for that type of question.


Day 4

Today you are going to answer a prediction question and a 3-mark question.


The chapter ends on a cliff-hanger when Michael saw the man for the first time. For your prediction question, what do you think will happen next? Will they make friends? Will they be enemies? What will they first say to each other?


For your 3-mark question, what does the way in which Michael handles the situation he finds himself in, tell us about the kind of person he is?


There is no right or wrong but things in the text will help you form your opinion.


How did Michael handle being stuck on a desert island? Did he just sit and cry? Did he go to try and find food? Did he face his fears? Based on that, what kind of a person do you think he is and find your evidence to back up what you think.


Day 5

For today’s activity, you are going to think about when Michael had nowhere to shelter on the island before finding the cave.


Can you design a better shelter for Michael? Think about what the shelter could include to keep him safe. It might be high off the ground, have a hammock, have some way of providing light, a look out to search for danger etc.


Draw and label your shelter.