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Week 4


Measuring length and height

Good Morning, today you will look at measuring using two units of measurement: centimetres (cm) and meters (m).

You can choose one of the following activities or complete them all if you're feeling eager!


Use the link to bbc bite size below.


Activity 1 - Practise measuring objects accurately with a rules or tape measure.

Activity 2 - Compare the lengths of different objects.  

Activity 3 - Play the measurements level of Karate Cats - my favorite part!


Comparing Length and Height

Today we will continue to look at measurements.  You will be comparing lengths in both centimetres and meters.  Begin by watching the two videos (click on the link below).  Which string is longer?

Activity 1 - Can you complete the worksheet by comparing length and height in pictures and numbers?

Activity 2 - Can you use the number line to help you find the answer to the word problem?

Activity 3 - Spend some more time playing on the measurement level of Karate Cats

Solving problems involving length and height

Begin by watching the animation video and recap on the website link below.

Look at each of the examples, remembering that there are 100cm in a meter.


Activity 1 - Complete the operations of the length sheet.

Activity 2 - Try some of the activities about solving problems with length on the monsters practice worksheet below.

Activity 3 - Practise playing on Karate Cats!


If you have a ruler or tape measure you could try measuring some objects around the house accurately!