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Week 4 - 22.06.20

Dragon Dilemma Week 4 


Our adventure so far

You have found a mysterious dragon egg. You have researched into dragons and predicted what you think your dragon might look like.

You looked closely at your dragon egg and discovered that there is a note! It's a note from the dragon's mother, explaining that she had to leave them there as their home was being destroyed by an evil wizard! She knew she could trust you with her dragon and asked that you take care of them. She will return once their home is safe again. You learnt all about teeth and how to keep your baby dragon's teeth healthy and strong. You have learnt about food chains so that you know what to feed your dragon when they come out of their egg! You also created your very own moving mother dragon using levers and mechanisms so that when your baby dragon hatches, it will feel like their real mother is there! 

This week... 

We are going to be using our geography skills to create a map for the mother dragon so that she remembers where she left her baby dragon so that she can make it back to her baby safely! 


Day 1 - Sketch Maps

Today, we are going to start with sketching a map of your local area so that we can direct the mother dragon to where her baby egg is! (You can decided whether you would like the egg to be in your home or at school). 

Read through the PowerPoint below that explains what a sketch map is and the important features. Then have a try at drawing your own! Google maps will be a great help! Or if the weather is nice, why not go outside? 


Day 2 - Using a Key

When creating and using a map, it's really important to use a key! Go through the PowerPoint below and complete the activity! Once you've learnt about including a key, why not go back to your sketch map from yesterday and add a key to it?

Day 3 - Surveying the Land - Part 1

Today, we're going to develop our original sketch map even more by picking up on the details around your area. Ask an adult to help you with the task as it involves walking around your local area to see what you can find! Before you go, read the PowerPoint as this explains the task in more detail and explains what you should look out for to add to your sketch map! Remember, we need as much detail as possible so that mother dragon can find her dragon egg again! 

Day 4 - Surveying the Land - Part 2 

Today, we're going to add even more detail to our sketch map! By this point, you may even want to use your original sketch map as just a draft, as you have now added lots of detail and have learnt lots about maps along the way. Why not read through this PowerPoint, complete the activities and then create a final neat sketch map that includes everything you have learnt so far! Remember to make it nice and clear so that the mother dragon knows where to find her baby. 

Day 5 - Land Use

Now that you have a great knowledge of your local area, let's put that to good use and think about how it compares to other areas. Today you will learnt about different land uses across the UK. Read the PowerPoint to find out about this. 

For your activity, you will use the worksheet provided and then use an atlas or google maps find what each major city is within each area. Can you then explain why each of these areas might be more or less populated?