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Week 4 - 22.06.20

How to Train your Dragon - Cressida Cowell


How to Train your Dragon - Chapter 1

Day 1 - Reading Chapter 1

You've probably heard of How to Train your Dragon and you may have even watched the film! (If you haven't make sure you watch it, it's awesome!) However, like many films that are based on books, the film is a little different to the book! As this is a long extract, you are just going to spend the day reading chapter 1 and answering a few questions on what you've read. You don't need to write these down, these are more discussion questions. If you can, use them as prompts to have a discussion about what you've read with someone else in your house. 

Day 2 - Comprehension Questions 

Answer the questions below based on what you've read from the map, Hiccup's note and Chapter 1.



Day 3 - Visualisation 

Within chapter 1, a few of the characters are described. This book does contain illustrations but I think you can do better! Pick a character and find the part in the book where they are described. E.g. Gobber -


"He was a seven foot giant with a mad glint in his one working eye and beard like exploding fire works. Despite the freezing cold he was wearing hairy shorts and a teeny weeny deerskin vest that showed off his lover-red skin and bulging muscles. He was holding a flaming torch in one gigantic fist"


Using a character description, draw what you are being told from the text. Then label your drawing with the quotes from the text to show how you knew what to draw! 


Day 4 - Dragon Statistics

Let's have some fun today. As seen in chapter 1, you are going to create your very own dragon statistics for your dragon, you must write in the style of the author so study the example well and make sure that yours would fit within the chapter. 

Challenge: why not make lots of dragon statistics and create your own dragon top trump cards?



Day 5 - Book Review

Today, your going to write a book review/chapter review. This needs to be in depth and with full explanations for your answers. Simply answer the questions below to create your review. Feel free to add anything extra! 

  1. What is the title of this book?
  2. Who is the author?
  3. Who is the illustrator?
  4. What genre do you think the book is and why?
  5. How would you describe the style of writing and how the book is written. Do you like it? Why/why not?
  6. Who is your favourite character so far and why?
  7. How did this book make you feel?
  8. Do you want to read more of the book? Why/why not?
  9. Would you recommend this book to your friends and family? Why/why not?