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Week 4

Monday - How to Draw Fantastic Mr Fox

Follow along to learn how to draw this cute, cartoon fox, just like Fantastic Mr Fox.


The farmers in Fantastic Mr Fox really want to catch Mr Fox.  Can you design a new machine that might help the farmers dig out Mr Fox.  


Today I want you to  investigate 3 different types of machines.  For example, tractors, train, bicycle, digging machine, fire engine .  


Think about what features do you NEED from them, and what features you WANT from them.

What will your machine be digging: soft soil, hard rock, loose gravel or stones?

Does the machine need to move?

What will power it?

What type of ground will it be travelling over?

How will it move: caterpillar tracks, wheels, skis?

How many people will it transport?

Do they need seats for sitting in for a short or long time?

Will they be travelling for a short or long time?

Think about how the digging part will work.

Will you need to use levers to make the parts move?

Will you need to use pulleys to raise or lower the digging part of the machine? 


Yesterday I asked you to think about different machines and the features you would like to have if you were designing a machine to help the farmers dig out Mr Fox.

Today I would like you to draw a picture of your design.  Remember to add labels (annotations) to explain what the machine will do.


We have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox in our reading lessons this week. 

Can you draw a map which shows the woods, the farms and the underground tunnels that Mr Fox digs.

I have added some slides that show you what yours could look like.


After you have drawn your map, with an adult have a look on Google Maps. Try to find your own home and then see if you can find some woods that Mr Fox could live in with his family.  You could also see if you can find some farms that Mr Fox will have to stay away from!




Mr Fox and all his friend live underground.  Lets find out about some of the different animals that live underground.  

Watch the video linked below and then discuss with an adult all the ways these animals are adapted to their environment.  

Optional - You could pick one of the animals that live underground and draw a picture of it.  Label it to show how the animal is built to live underground.