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Week 4

Day 1 - 

Listen to the story below about a sleepy sloth. In the story the sloth does lots of fun activities! What would you do if you had a sleepy sloth as a pet? If you could have any animal what would you want to have? Can you write down what animal you would like and what things you would do with them?

CBeebies Bedtime Story | If I Had A Sleepy Sloth | Story For Kids

Day 2 - 

Today I would like you to go back onto Oxford Owl and pick a story off there to read. 

Day 3 - 

In this story Ruby has a worry. Everyone has worries sometimes, that's why it is important to tell your friends, family or teacher if you have any worries as they can help you! I would like you to think about some worries you may have, if you don't have any then think about some worries other children may have. I want you to write it down and then write about who you can talk to. You could also make a poster telling people who to talk to. 

CBeebies Bedtime Story | Ruby's Worry | Story For Kids

Day 4 - 

I would like you to find a book you haven't read for a while, or you can use of the stories from previous weeks. Use the template below to write a book review. 

Day 5 

This story is all about how your kitchen comes alive at night! Can you draw a picture of all of the different fruits at night time having a party like they do in the story?

cbeebies bedtime stories - george ezra - kitchen disco