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Week 4 w/c 22.6.20

This week we’re going to take a short break from our adventure to do some science. You’re going to have a go at the science topic for this half term which is animals including humans. This is all about how humans and animals function and the way in which they do this through the systems within their bodies.


Day 1

To start with I’d like you to watch a video to get an idea about what the circulatory system is.


After you’ve watched the video I’d like you to go below on the same webpage to have a go at the activity filling in the missing words.


Then have a go at answering these questions that you’ll find the answers in the video or in the text just below the video. Re-watch the video if you need to.


  1. What does the heart do?
  2. What does every part of the body need?
  3. What are the two parts of the circulatory system that act as delivery roads?
  4. What three parts is the circulatory system made up of?
  5. What do the blood vessels remove from the body?


Day 2

Now you’ve had a look at the circulatory system as a whole, you’re going to look closer at the specific parts of the system.


Look at the information below and watch the videos to learn more about each of the different parts. Make notes of key information you find out that might be useful later on.


Your blood

Have a go at the activity below matching the blood cells with their job.


Blood vessels


Your heart

Have a go at the activity below filling in the gaps.

Day 3

Today I’d like you to go a little bit more in depth on looking at the heart. The video below will show you a closer look at the parts of the heart and the specific functions.


After watching the video, I’d like you to go to Purple Mash and test your knowledge on a few different tasks.


One of them is a quiz on the circulatory system which involves you labelling parts of the system and answering multiple choice questions.


There are then two fill in the blank activities on blood vessels for you to work through.


Day 4

Today I’d like you to do an investigation into the impact of exercise on your body and the function of your heart and the rest of your circulatory system when exercising. Your investigation is to see which form of exercise raises your heart rate the most.


First think about 4 exercises you could do such as star jumps. Then write out your own investigation:

Aim (What are you trying to find out?)
Your sentence could start with… ‘The aim of my investigation is to find out…’

Method (What are you going to do?)
Step-by-step what you’re going to do including how long you’ll exercise for, how long you’ll rest for in between exercises, how you’ll take your pulse

Equipment (What will you need to use?)
Think about if you need any equipment to complete the exercises you choose, what you’ll use to time your exercises

Prediction (Which form of exercise do you think will raise your pulse the most?)
Write down which you think will raise your pulse and why


Watch this video to see how to take your pulse


Next complete your exercises and record your findings in a table similar to the one below.

Resting rate


Pulse rate























Finally write up a conclusion to say What have you found out? What would you like to investigate following on from this? What could you have done differently? How can knowing this help us stay healthy?


Day 5 

Today I’d like you to look back at your investigation from yesterday. What can you see about your resting rate compared with your pulse rate after exercise? Hopefully your pulse rate will have increased after you completed the exercise. I would like you to think about why this happened.


The question I would like you to investigate is: Why does your heart beat faster during/after exercising?


Below are some websites you could use to help you answer this scientific question.