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Week 5

Day 1 - 

Today I would like you to practice your spellings. We are going to try and practice our months of the year, below is a sheet to help you practice them. First, sound the word out, then copy it, then try and write it on your own.

Day 2 - 

This week we are going to look at transport, so cars, buses, trains and planes. We want to go to Australia as it is nice and sunny there so we need to think about which is the best method of transport to get there! Today we are going to meet Billy the Boat. We need to write a letter to Billy, asking if it is okay for us to meet him and see if he is suitable to take us to Australia! 

Day 3 - 

We met Billy, he told us that he can travel in lots of different conditions, when it rains, when it snows and when it is sunny! However, he said that it is not very safe when he has to sail in bad weather. I think we need to look for someone else to help us. We are going to the bus station! I wonder if they can take us all of that way? Have a look at the picture of the bus station below, can you describe what you can see?

Day 4 - 

So after we visited the bus station, we  found out that they can not travel on water, so we wouldn't be able to get to Australia as we have to cross the ocean to get there! Let's look at trains today. I would like you to do some research about trains, you can use the information below to help you. Then, I want you to write a report all about them and if you think they would be good to travel on.

7 FUN FACTS ABOUT TRAINS! FACTS FOR KIDS! Train! Learning Colors! Thomas! Tank Engine! Sock Puppet!

7 FUN FACTS ABOUT TRAINS! FACTS FOR KIDS! Train! Learning Colors! Thomas! Tank Engine! Sock Puppet! CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: WATCH M...

Day 5 - 

What do you think, should we travel on a train to Australia? Before we decide I think we should visit a plane. They can fly over the sea, don't run out of petrol whilst on their trip and won't ever get caught in a traffic jam! I think a plane would be the best way to get there. I would like you to write a dairy entry about all of the transport you have seen, Billy the boat, all of the buses, Tommy the train and the planes. Think about what you found out about them, and which you picked.