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Week 5 - 29.06.20

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles - by Patricia Valdez

This is a fascinating picture book biography of a pioneering female scientist--who loved reptiles!

Back in the days of long skirts and afternoon teas, young Joan Procter entertained the most unusual party guests: slithery and scaly ones, who turned over teacups and crawled past the crumpets.... While other girls played with dolls, Joan preferred the company of reptiles. She carried her favourite lizard with her everywhere--she even brought a crocodile to school!

With a lively text and vibrant illustrations, scientist and writer Patricia Valdez and illustrator Felicita Sala bring to life Joan Procter's inspiring story of passion and determination. 



Day 1 - Who is Joan Procter?

Before we start to read this fantastic text, I would like you to do a little background research on Joan Procter! Use goggle to find out about her and tell me why you think she had a book written about her! Make sure you don't cheat and read the book. We can read the book tomorrow! Simply create a mind map on everything you find out about her for your research. 

The Woman who Played with Dragons! - Joan Beauchamp Procter

Joan Beauchamp Procter was born in 1897 and loved reptiles ever since she was a little girl. By the time she was my age, she had several snakes and lizards a...

Day 2 - Reading the text

Today you are going to read the text. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a PDF copy BUT there is an excellent video that you can read along with. 

Once you've read the book, add any extra information to your mindmap that you started yesterday. 

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor is an inspiring story of a pioneering female scientist who loves reptiles. Get the book: For more children'...

Day 3 - Comprehension Questions

  1. Describe Joan's tea parties when she was a child. 
  2. How was Joan like a scientist when she was a young girl?
  3. What gift did Joan get for her 16th birthday? What did she think of her gift?
  4. How did Joan get her job at the Natural History Museum?
  5. What did Joan do at the London Zoo?
  6. Who was Sumbawa and why did Joan care about him?
  7. How did Joan change people's perception of reptiles?
  8. Write three words you think best describe this story. 


Day 4 - Connections

When reading texts, it's important that we are able to make connections. We can relate the text to our own thoughts, feelings and opnions. We can think about how the text connects to our own experiences, knowledge and the world around us. We can also compare the text to other texts that we have read. 

There are some connection tasks for you to complete today:

  • Draw a Venn Diagram and think about the ways that Joan and you are alike and different. 
  • Text to self - Write about a connection you can make about Joan Procter to something in your own life. 
  • Text to Text - Write about a connection you can make about Joan Procter to another book. 
  • Text to world - Write about a connection you can make about Joan Procter to something in your community or in the world. 

Day 5 - Summarise

When reading, it is important to:

  • Identify the central theme or idea.
  • Consider what the gist of the text is.
  • Pick out key events and main points.
  • Discard what is not important.
  • Be able to give and overview. 

You have two tasks to complete today to help you summarise what you have read. 

  • Think about the events of Joan Procter and fill in the story map below to show the important parts of the story. 
  • Choose four events to draw from the story. Be sure to draw them in the order in which they happened and explain why you have chosen these events.