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Week 5 - 29.06.20

Week 5 - Short Multiplication 


Read through the PowerPoint, complete the activities and watch the videos for each lesson. 

Each activity has 3 different levels so choose the one that is right for you. Be sure to always challenge yourself, you'll never learn if you always go for the easier questions!  OR why not work your way through each worksheet so that you develop those skills along the way and challenge yourself each time. 

There is also a MASTERY activity on some days to help challenge your maths even further and help you to become a maths genius in no time! 


Day 1 - Short Multiplication with 2-digit numbers

PLEASE IGNORE THE EXAMPLE - Remember, we write the regrouped number ABOVE as shown in the Powerpoint. Sorry if this has caused confusion. I wasn't able to edit the worksheet. 


Day 2 - Short Multiplication with 3-Digit Numbers

Day 3 - Be the Teacher

Spot the mistakes that this student has made! 

Day 4 - Missing Numbers

Use your multiplication knowledge to work out the missing numbers. 

Day 5 - Multiplication Word Problems

Solve the following word problems using everything you have learnt about multiplication. 

Start with the one-step problems and then move to the two-step problems. 

Challenge: Why not make your very own multiplication word problems?