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Week 5 - 29.06.20

Week 5 - The Dragon Dilemma 


Our adventure so far

You have found a mysterious dragon egg. You have researched into dragons and predicted what you think your dragon might look like.

You looked closely at your dragon egg and discovered that there is a note! It's a note from the dragon's mother, explaining that she had to leave them there as their home was being destroyed by an evil wizard! She knew she could trust you with her dragon and asked that you take care of them. She will return once their home is safe again. You learnt all about teeth and how to keep your baby dragon's teeth healthy and strong. You have learnt about food chains so that you know what to feed your dragon when they come out of their egg! You also created your very own moving mother dragon using levers and mechanisms so that when your baby dragon hatches, it will feel like their real mother is there! You used your geography skills to create a map for the mother dragon so that she could remember where she left her baby dragon so that she can find them again when everything is safe again.

This week... 

We are going to focus on learning all about the digestive system. Baby dragons eat ALOT of food! So it will be interesting to know how food travels through their bodies and our own. 


If you enjoy learning about the digestive system this week, check out your Purple Mash 2Dos for more fun activities about the system! 


Day 1 - Digestive System Parts

Let's start with learning all about the different parts of the digestive system. Once we have learnt all of their names, then we can begin to understand their different jobs and the roles they play. 

Go through the Powerpoint below where you will be asked to draw what you think the digestive system looks like. You can then reveal what it actually looks like and see if you knew any of the parts already! Then, use the worksheet to help you draw another system again with everything in the correct place, or just add to the one you've already started. 


Day 2 - Comparing Digestive Systems

Your task today is to compare digestive systems. Click on the activity sheet below where you will find 3 different activities to complete today! 

  1. Look at the 2 different diagrams and compare the human digestive system to the digestive system of a cow. 
  2. Look at the 2 different diagrams and compare the digestive system of a bird to the digestive system of a cow. 
  3. Answer the questions about the previous activities using full sentences. 

Day 3 - Digestive System Functions
Now that you know what all the different parts are called, we're going to learn about their functions today! Start by going through the Powerpoint and watching the videos to help you.

Your activity today is to answer questions on what you have learnt about the digestive system. Read the explanation text to learn about the different parts in even more detail. Then, answer the questions in full sentences. 

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Day 4 - Digestive System Functions Part 2

Let's put your knowledge of the functions to the test! Have a try at the quiz and see how much you can remember. You are then going to create your very own interactive diagram. 

  1. Simply draw the digestive system and then label the different parts as seen on your activity sheet (or you could use your diagram you drew from day 1)  
  2. Now on some paper tabs, write the different functions and stick them over the top of the parts you have labelled. Make sure that when you stick them down, you only glue the edge so that you can lift the flap and see what the part is called underneath. 


If you don't have scissors or glue don't worry! Draw your diagram and make sure you include both the different parts and functions. 

Day 5 - Dragon Digestive System

You're going to take everything you've learnt about the digestive system and draw a dragon digestive system! Think about what you think their digestive system would look like, think back to day 2 where we compared the different animals. What do you think a dragon would need and why? 

Label your dragon with the parts and functions.

Why not have a little fun? Maybe dragons have extra parts to their digestive system? Do they have fire in their stomach instead of acid?