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Week 5


What is the shark in 'Commotion in the Ocean', trying to do?

Think about what he is like.. 

Is he happy, sad, cheeky, mad 

Draw your shark and give him a name. 

If I could name my shark I'd probably call him 'Bruce the Baddy' 

Once you have given your shark a nick name - can you write a short sentence a about him. 

'Bruce is cheeky and he has big teeth. He likes to eat little fish' 

​​​​​​​Don't forget to use your phonics to sound out your words and include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Tuesday  - Make a Shark animation story on 2 animate (purple mash)

Draw your very own shark in different frames and make a shark animation story. What will your shark do? 

Mine went into a seaweed forest, followed a fish then.........


Tell the story of your big bad shark! Can you add it to your animation in purple mash? You can record your voice and add sound effects using the speaker button in 2 animate. 

Can you add any more ideas to your story to make it even more interesting?

Does your shark have a problem? 

What does he do to fix his problem?

Who does he meet and who does he eat?


Make your own alphabet arc. You can choose to do this with or without the templates. Colouring a rainbow underneath is fun. You can put this on your wall to remind you of the capital letter names and lower case letter sounds.


Look at the image below. 
What can you see?

Read this sentence:

The shark swims in the deep blue sea. 
It has a fin and it is grey. 


Can you draw a picture of a friend the shark might go to meet in the deep blue sea?


Have a go at writing your own sentence about the shark. Don’t forget finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.