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Week 6 - 06.07.20

Week 6 - The Dragon Dilemma 


So far, your dragon hasn't seen much of our wonderful country. Since it's summer, let's take them to the beach! This week we will be taking our dragon to Whitby and finding out lots about it while we're there. So pack your bucket and spade and make sure you have some money for some chips! We're going to Whitby! 


Day 1 - Where is Whitby?

Before we start our journey, let's find out where we're going and where Whitby is using our map skills. Use the Powerpoint and maps to complete the activities below. 


  1. Find where Whitby is on a map. 
  2. Identify the different features of Whitby 
  3. Answer the questions on what you can see on the map.

Day 2 - What is the Landscape Like Near Whitby?

Today, you're going to compare the landscape of Whitby to the landscape of where you like. Start by going through the Powerpoint and look at the images of Whitby. Whilst you study them, think about how it looks different to your area. Then complete the 2 activities. Start simple and think about what Whitby has and what Midddleton has. Then compare the similarities and differences. 

Day 3 - How is Land Used in Whitby?

Now let's see how the people of Whitby use their land. Read through the Powerpoint to learn more. Then, visit Google Maps and search for Whitby. Use the information on the map and from the Earth view to annotate your map to show how areas of land are used. Don't forget to complete your key!

Day 4 - What Goes on in Whitby?

You are going to compare what happens in Middleton to Whitby. Using the activity sheet as a template, complete the questions for both Middleton and Whitby using the internet to help you. You might even be able to ask your friends and family for help to fill out your local area. There are also links within the Powerpoint and activity sheet to direct your to useful websites. 

Day 5 - Whitby Travel Guide

We're going to plan a trip to Whitby and then persuade tourists to visit! 

  1. Let's start by planning a trip to our own town. How would a visitor get to our town? Where would they stay? Use the internet to find out about train travel and places to stay in our town. What would they do when they arrived? Think about activities, places to visit, places to eat... 
  2. Now do the same for Whitby!
  3. Finally, turn this planning into a tourism leaflet to persuade people to visit Whitby.