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Week 6 - 06.07.20

Week 6 - Dragon Non-Chronological Report

I have been contacted by a production crew who work for the TV channel Animal Planet! They are wanting to create a documentary all about dragons and would like to include yours in the show! They have asked if you can provide them with a non-chronological report that includes lots of information and facts about your dragon that they can include within the show. Watch the trailer below! 

Dragon Documentary - Animal Planet

Still image for this video

Day 1 - Non-Chronological Report

Today, we're going to learn about the features of the report before we write our own. Start by reading through the Powerpoint. Then, choose a report that interests you below and read through it whilst checking off the check list to make sure that the report includes everything it needs to. 

Day 2 - Planning

When writing a non-chronological report, it's extremely important to plan what you're going to write as you have lots of information that you'd like to share, but you need to make sure it is understandable for the reader and follows all of the features. 

Follow the Powerpoint that gives suggestions of how to plan your report. 

Then, using the template, plan your report into the different paragraphs so that we can begin writing tomorrow. 

You may also want to do a little more research on dragons so that you have more information and ideas to write about. 

Day 3 - Introduction using persuasive devices

You're going to start your report by writing a persuasive introduction that tells the reader why your report on your dragon is the best one around. You will need to mention what your report is about and what information the reader will be able to find within your report. Check out the persuasive devices below which include examples and see how many of them you can use within your introduction. It's always nice to start with a question! 

Day 4 - Sub-Headings and Paragraphs

Today you're going to write the main paragraphs of your report filled with all the information you wanted to include about your dragon to be used in the documentary. Your focus today is to make sure that you split your paragraphs correctly and use appropriate sub-headings. Read through the Powerpoints below to remind yourself of the rules for these features. 

Day 5 - Editing


Today you are going to edit the your report . Just like in our short edit lessons, you are going to look at the checklist below and see if you have included everything that you can! Read through your work and check off the checklist as you go. If you see anything missing, see if you can include it. 


Whilst you're reading, you may also notice mistakes or realise that you could add more description. So add it! If you notice you have repeated anything such as adjectives, remove it. If you think you could improve your choice of words, improve it! Take everything you have learnt in our short edit lessons and apply them to your own writing.


You should also check your report against the report checklist to make sure you've included everything. 


Capital letters and full stops

Miss Martin lives in England in a city called Leeds. She was born on Wednesday in July. Her favourite time of year is Christmas.


Question marks

Are you going to try hard with your writing?


Commas folists

Children in Oak class love to sing, dance, draw and laugh.


Apostrophes focontraction

Don’t, won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, should’ve


Inverted commas fospeech

“Oak class is the best!” shouted Miss Martin

Miss Martin loudly shouted, “Oak class is the best!”






Expanded noun phrases:

The lovely, bright class worked hard on their interesting, detailed writing.


Fronted adverbials.

Yesterday, Before long,  Suddenly, After that,



Slowly, carefully, later, always, then, sometimes, everywhere, completely,



Beneath, next to, opposite, after, during, in, because of



 As well as, also, because, if, but, however, therefore, yet, when, after, before, so


Present Perfect form of verbs:

He has gone our to play

She has lived here all her life.

We have been on holiday.


Beautiful cursive handwriting