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Week 6

#ThisIsPE - Jumping combinations For today's #ThisIsPE we're going to be looking at jumping in combination. We're going to have three separate activities that...


This weeks book is 'The Creakers'.  The Creakers love rubbish, Can you design a poster the Creakers could put up around town to encourage people to put their rubbish in the bin. 

You could watch the video below for some inspiration.



In reading we have been looking at a map of where the Creakers live.

Think about the different things that you would usually find in a town. You can use the map of the Woleb to help you. Make a list of five things. As a starting point, you might consider including ‘Shops’ for example, or a ‘Post Office’.


Consider which items of waste you might be able to use to build the things that you have listed above. Write down your ideas.


Using your ideas from the from above, its time to draw a map of your own strange world made of waste. Remember to include the things that you have listed that you would find in a town.  To make your map look even more creative, why not use some items of waste in new and imaginative ways – you can cut them up and stick them on your map to show your ideas.