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Week 6

Ship Ahoy!! The pirates have arrived next door!

Watch the story of ‘ The Pirates Next Door’ in the story section. The pirates have arrived to stay next door to you this week and they need to rebuild their ship. Can you help them? What does a pirate ship need? 
Look at the picture below and have a go at making your very own pirate ship. For the base you can use a box or an egg carton. Design your very own sails and flags for your pirate ship and prop them up using spaghetti or straws. Make a pirate family from toilet rolls. Who would be in your pirate family? 


Make a Pirate Hat 

This is a very straight forward activity. You will need black crayons, card big enough to measure round your child’s head. Cut out two sides of card in the shape below. You will need something to stick these together, either tape or staples. Let your child draw the skull and crossbones on the pirate hat. Allow them to colour around it in black or paint around it. 
Carefully put the hat on your child’s head and attach both sides so that the hat fits. 

Pirate tricky word tuff tray

Print out or make pirate gold with tricky words on or CVC words to blend. Add these to a tuff tray of your choice using whichever pirate themed items you can find. Ask your child to pretend to be the pirate. Read and blend CVC words or read tricky words. If your child gets these right they can put them in the treasure box if they get them wrong they have to put them back in the sand. You may want to introduce a reward for so many right words like a sticker. 

Walk the plank

Walk the plank activities

You can design your very own walk the plank activity together with an adult using tyres or blocks. This can be used for something as simple as answering number bonds to 10. If your child gets a question wrong they have to try and walk the plank. It’s really up to you whether you use water. My kids love an excuse to get soaked (more work for the adult but lots of fun).