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Week 6

Day 1 - 

Hopefully the weather will be nice today, if it isn't don't worry, just swap this days activity for another and do this one when it's sunny. I would like you to go scavenging today! See what you can find outside, leaves, sticks, flowers and pine cones. When you're home, you'll need paper and paint. Then, paint your nature items you have found and see what type of amazing patterns they make! If you don#t have paint, just create your own collage outside with it.

Day 2 - 

We are going to look at being healthy today and what that means. Watch the video below to help you get some ideas about what healthy is. Then, I would like you to design a meal for your family that is good for them. Don't forget the vegetables! 

Why Do We Need To Sleep And Eat Healthy? - Get Well Soon

Day 3 - 

I want you to think about farms today. What sort of animals do you find living on them? What do they like to eat? Can you design your own farm today? Are you going to have stables for horses to live, or a big pond for ducks to swim. Once you have designed it, label the different areas. 

Day 4 - 

Follow the link below, it will take you to the phonics bloom website. Have a go at practicing your phonics skills, have fun!

Day 5 - 

Below are lots of amazing facts about dinosaurs! I would like you to read them, then design your own dinosaur and create a super fact file for it.