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Week 7 - 13.07.20

Autobiography - All About You! 

As things have been a little strange this year, you've not had the chance to introduce yourself to your new teacher, so I thought it would be a great idea for our last writing activity would be to create an autobiography all about yourself that you could give to your new teacher so that they can find out all about you! 


Day 1- Autobiography and Biography - What's the difference? 

Today you're going to learn the features of an autobiography so that you know what to expect with your writing for the rest of the week. 

Read through the Powerpoint below and then read the example texts, use the checklist to check they include all the features of an autobiography. 

Day 2 - Planning

You are going to spend your day planning your autobiography. Use the worksheet below to make notes of what you would like to include in your autobiography. Add as much detail now as you can as this will make it easier when it comes to writing your autobiography. 

Day 3 - Using Inverted Commas 

Today, you're going to write half of your autobiography. Your SPAG focus is to include inverted commas to show speech as seen in the autobiography example. Go through the Powerpoint and videos below that explains the rules of inverted commas and then start your autobiography.