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Week 7

Starry eyed Stan

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Listen and read the story of Starry Eyed Stan

Listen and read the story of Starry Eyed Stan, the star fish who rose to fame in the Ocean. 

Who was scaring all the creatures on the coral reef? 

What is Starry Eyed Stan? 

What was the problem in the story?

Who is the villain? ( what is a villain)

How did Starry Eyed Stan solve the problem in the story?

Can you answer the questions above with a grown up. 

Attached is a sheet with a picture of the scene of the story. 

Can you think of any sentences to write using Think it, Say it, Count it, Write it? 

Use your phonics to tell me as much as you can about the scene of the story.

Starry Eyed Stan


If you were going to the beach to visit Starry Eyed Stan, what would you take with you?

Cut and stick the items in your suitcase and try to label them by sounding out their names. 


Having reached the seaside, can you label all the things you might find on the beach? 

Sound them out and ask an adult if you are not sure. 

Thursday and Friday

End of year activity booklet. Print out or try and complete some of the activities in this booklet. There are all sorts. I can't wait to find out what you have enjoyed the most.