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Week 7

Day 1 - 

Can you practice these spellings? See if you can write them in a sentence. 












Day 2 - 

Today we are going to a theme park, there is lots of rides there and other fun things to do. Let's go on the biggest ride first! We've brought with us our teddy to keep us company. Woooooosh! Wow, that was fun. Oh no, we've left Ted on the ride. We need to create a missing poster for him so someone can bring him back. Let's write about;

- Where we left him

-What he looks like 

-How old he is 

-Why we need him back

Day 3 - 

We found Ted! Phew. Today, let's have a go at creating our own amazing ride. Once you have designed it, can you write about what each feature is and why you picked that? Try and write a couple of sentences.

Day 4 - 

I've just found out that our new ride is going to be built! How exciting, I can't wait to see what it ends up looking like. I think we should let everyone know about this, so let's write a letter to our friends telling them all about our new ride and when it opens. 

Things to include - 

- Dear / from 

- Why you are writing to them 

-Talk about the ride

-Talk about when it opens

-Say how excited you are to see them.

Day 5 - 

Your friends loved your new ride, they said it was the best they have ever been on. Now, today would have been the last day of Year One. I have had so much fun with all of you this year and I hope you have too. To celebrate the last day, I would like you to write about all of the amazing things you have done this year, what was the best moment for you? You can even draw a picture to go with it.