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Week 7

Day 1 - 

This week we are going to go over our numbers and basic addition and subtraction problems. Let's start the week of with practicing your number formation. See how many numbers you can write up to. Follow the sheet to check if they are written properly. 

Day 2 - 

When we were in school we had a look at one less and one more than  a given number. Work through the sheet below. Remember, to work out one less you jump to the left, to work out one more you jump to the right of the number. 

Day 3 - 

Have a go a creating your own addition machine like the one in the picture. Then, you will put in a number into one side of it, another in the other side and then count how much you have all together at the end! Write down your addition stories. 

Day 4 - 

Below is a snake subtraction sheet. Have a go at working out the answers to the questions on the snakes body. Once you have an answer, check the colour guide to see what colour you have to fill in that section with. 

Day 5 - 

Below is an addition and subtraction website with lots of games for you to build up your math skills on. Have fun!