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Week 7 w/c 13.7.20

This week in writing you’re going to do some work linked to the inspirational person you’ll be researching for adventure and some writing linked to it being your last week in Year 5.


Day 1

Today I’d like you to write a character description of the inspirational person you are researching as part of the adventure work today.


Remember when you write a character description it’s not just about what they look like, there are many other aspects that you need to think about. Look at the sheet below to help you write down ideas for each of the sections.

When you’ve gathered all of your ideas decide how you’d like to separate your information into paragraphs such as appearance, personality and background.


When you’ve done this start writing your character description including some key objectives like expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, prepositional phrases and fronted adverbials. Look at the checklist below to remind you of what to include.


Also there are descriptosaurus sheets with ideas for describing different parts of the person.


Day 2

Today I’d like you to write a report about the inspirational person you researched for the first adventure lesson of this week.


Get together all of your research about your inspirational person ready to write some sub-headings. Remember a sub-heading helps break up the information into smaller sections. First decide on your sub-headings e.g. introduction, early life, career, awards.


Next think about starting to write your report. Have a look at some below for some inspiration for how to write them.


Some objectives you could use are:
conjunctions to explain ‘why’
relative clauses to add extra information
fronted adverbials to say ‘when, where, why or what’ someone did
colons and semi colons to list information


Day 3

Today I’d like you to use your report from yesterday and put it on to Purple Mash. A 2do has been set for you to complete.


Remember to use the different boxes for the different sections you wrote about. Could you try and format your sub-headings, so they are bold and underlined to make them stand out more?


Also include a picture of your inspirational person. You may choose to try and save a picture from online or you could try and try them yourself using the tools on Purple Mash.


Day 4

Today I’d like you to write a letter to someone who had a positive impact on your year. It might be a friend that you made this year or someone who showed you kindness or someone at home who has helped you with your learning.


First give some thought to who your letter will be to and why. List the reasons for how this person has had a positive impact on you this year.


How to structure your letter:
Paragraph 1: Who the letter is to and why you are writing
Paragraph 2: The reasons for how this person has had a good impact on you this year
Paragraph 3: Anything extra you’d like to say


Look below at the informal writing checklist to see that you’ve included all the features.

Day 5

Today I'd like you to write your letter out on Purple Mash - it has been set as a 2do.


I would like you to think about how a letter looks and make sure you include all of the important features such as the date, the address, who it is to, who it is from and write in paragraphs.


I have included a picture below to show you how a letter is structured and it will help you on Purple Mash too.