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Week 7 w/c 13.7.20

Day 1

Today your job is to read the final chapter. This may take you a little while so you could keep taking breaks and could even see if someone would read some of it to you as well. As you are reading, like we do in school, stop at different times to think about what has happened. You could even write some notes of the key events to help you understand the story.


After completing the book, I want you to think about your opinion about how you feel about the story as a whole. Did you like it? Dislike it? Feel happy with the ending? Annoyed with the ending? Then write down in a thought bubble your own short review of the book now it is finished.

Day 2
For today’s activity I want you to think about the first part of the chapter when the killer men came. What were these men were doing on the island?


They were hunting and poaching for animals.


What are your thoughts on this subject and your opinions on the men coming to the island to do this? Brainstorm all of your ideas about how people shouldn’t hunt and poach wild animals.


Then using these ideas or just one of them, design a persuasive poster discouraging people from poaching.


You could read a little bit more about poaching on this website:

Day 3
For this lesson I’d like you to focus on the second part of the chapter when they see the Peggy Sue and it comes to rescue Michael. Scan over these pages to remind yourselves of them.


For today’s lesson I’d like you to look at two questions to answer that require finding evidence from the text to make comparisons. Remember that you need to make your point and back it up with some evidence that supports your ideas. You also need to use compare and contrast words like ‘however, although, but’.


  1.             How do Michael and Kensuke’s reactions to the boat differ from each other?
  2.             How do Michael’s emotions change in this final part of the chapter?


Day 4
Today I’d like you to work through the following questions.

  1.             Why do you think the chapter is called “Killer Men Come”?
  2.             Why doesn’t Kensuke light the fire when he can see the boat on the horizon?
  3.             After the fire is lit, what is special about the boat Michael spots?
  4.             Why does Kensuke say he must stay on the island?
  5.             Describe Michael’s reunion with his family on pg. 160.
  6.             Had Michael’s parents given up on ever finding him?


Day 5
For the final activity I’d like you to think about Michael leaving Kensuke on the island. It all happened quite suddenly and quickly. There are probably some unsaid things between the two.


I’d like you to step into the shoes of Michael and imagine you are him on his journey back to the UK on the Peggy Sue. I’d like you to write a letter to Kensuke as a final goodbye, tell him about the journey home and everything he enjoyed doing on the island with him.