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This week we are going on an adventure! The teddies in our reading corner at school have been missing you all lots, they don't know where you have all gone! 


DAY 1 - 

For today's task can you write a letter to the teddies at school, telling them why you are not there and what you have been up to? Hopefully they will write a letter back to all of you! Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


DAY 2 - 

After being stuck in school for the past couple of weeks, the teddies are getting very bored and are looking forward to going on holiday when all of this is over. Can you design a holiday brochure for them to pick where they should go to? It could be Disneyland and you can write about all of the exciting things you can do there. It could be somewhere snowy and you can talk about how good it is to play in the snow and create snowmen. Whatever destination you like! Make sure you add pictures. 


DAY 3 - 

The teddies loved your holiday brochures and are so excited to go visit the different places you suggested when they can fly again. Baby teddy went for a walk around school and hasn't came back home to Blossom class yet. The other teddies are very worried. Can you create a missing teddy poster? You will need to write their name, how old they are, what they look like, how much you will give if found and why you need him back. 


Day 4 - 

Teddy is found! Thanks for all of those posters, the teddies are so grateful! As a way of saying thanks to you, the teddies want to have a picnic for you, but there's a problem. Teddies can't write and they have lots of invitations to send out to all of the children in Year One. Can you help them? Can you create an invitation to send out to the other Year One children? 


DAY 5 - 

It's the day of the picnic! There is so much to see as the teddies have transformed the classroom! There is yummy food, party decorations and of course, lots of teddies! Can you write about everything you can see? Use the picture below for inspiration.