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Unit 5.1 - Coding 


This term the children have been extending their understanding of coding. Here they had to use a timer to constantly check, set and change the position of the knights to ensure that they could properly guard the castle! 



Unit 5.7 - Concept Maps


The children had created simple concept maps in lower KS2 but this term they extended their skills to create much more complex maps, which included not only images and headings but also additional informative text. 

In their first project they used information about environmental protection, that they had learnt during their River Adventure, to make some extremely informative maps.


In the second project, they documented a class experiment involving their science topic of Asexual reproduction.  Once again they did some exceptional work.




They have also continued to use their computing skills across the curriculum within their Adventures to produce fact sheets, leaflets and posters. Here is some of their great work!








In their Online Safety work the children have been learning about

the impact that sharing digital information can have and their responsibilities to one another in their online behaviour. They have learnt how to use SMART rules to protect themselves online.


Summer 1

Unit 5.6 3D Modelling


This term the children’s Adventure takes place in the world of Harry Potter.

They will be learning how to design and make a 3D model of the Night Bus including adding colour and patterns to their designs.


They will further develop these skills by designing and making 3D buildings to form a whole class Diagon Alley, with all its weird and imaginative shops!

In French the children were able to put their computing skills to great use. They used 2Connect to create some super digital family trees.




Summer 2

This half term the children have been learning about Databases. They have learnt how Databases enable us to store and easily retrieve information on a variety of subjects.

Here they had to access an Alien Database, find the answers to a set of questions and then complete a quiz using the information they had retrieved.




They also discovered how retrieved Data can be displayed in a variety of ways.





The children have also started to look at Text Adventures. They have used the 2Connect app to plan their work and they will then use the 2Create a Story app to produce their own Text Adventures for their classmates to play.






Autumn 1

Welcome back everyone to another new year at Westwood!

We’ve planned lots of exciting and fun activities for the children in their Computing lessons, which we are sure they’ll really enjoy and learn lots from.

This half term our Willow children will be extending their coding skills using the Free Code Gorilla app in Purple Mash, to create Mayan adventures and games.