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World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 was another memorable one. The theme this year was ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ where all the staff dressed as aliens and looked quite hilarious! All the children came as a character of their choice and looked fabulous. The day started with an assembly where we did a variety of activities such as read the story, play Pin the Pants on the Alien and play World Book Day Tenable. The teachers won this, but only just!

The children did a variety of activities throughout the day. This ranged from doing work on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in Key Stage 1 where the children were designing a menu for the Queen of Hearts and were doing collages.  

Lower Key Stage 2 did some work on the Iron Man by Ted Hughes, where they were doing drawings. They also looked at the story ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ and did some PSHCE work based on this. They also were doing story boards about ‘Flamingos in Underpants,’ which looked hilarious.  

Upper Key Stage 2 did more work on Aliens in Underpants, where they were making alien masks and did drawings of aliens that were passed around the classroom and added to. These looked very unusual when finished.

In the afternoon, we also had another assembly where we looked at another story based on Aliens - ‘There’s and Alien in your Book’ by Tom Fletcher. This really got the children involved as there were plenty of actions that went along with the book.