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This week Zane and Habiba are travelling to America to find out about the festival of Thanksgiving. 

We will be learning about the number block number 6 and counting out arrangements of 6 turkeys from a larger number. We will also be adding foods to our Thanksgiving plates and writing a menu for our Thanksgiving dinner. 


Can you design a Thanksgiving card to invite the Native American Indians to dinner. You might want to craft a Native American Indian Headdress or even make a pumpkin pie. Please see the ideas below. We will also be exploring the sound 'sh this week. 

Watch the story below about Thanksgiving to give you some ideas. 

Turkey Trouble read by Marc Maron

Chang'e and the Autumn Moon Festival

This week Zane and Habiba arrived on their magic carpet in the country of China. 

Read the story of the Autumn Moon with your parents and look at the pictures. What happened to Chang'e. Who was Hu Yui? Have a look at where China is on the map. 

Can you look at the pictures of of the Autumn Moon Festival? 

Describe in your own words - How is it different from where we live? 

Colour a dragons mask - Make a Chinese lantern.


This week our sound is 'l' can you complete the booklet about 'l' and make a lantern or a ladder. 


Have a go at the CVC word frames. Sound out the letters and write them down with a parent.