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This term in ICT, We are Codebreakers.


Thinking about ways to pass messages, we first looked at Semaphore which uses a pair of flags in different positions to represent each letter in a word.

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After making our own flags, we tried passing messages to each other in semaphore but found it wasn't a perfect method: each word took quite a while to pass on; it was easy to make mistakes; and it only worked as long as you could see the other person.

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In our next lesson, we learned about another way of sending messages -

Morse Code.

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After making circuits in our pairs, we sent messages to each other in

morse code using the flashing of the bulbs.

Next, our task was to decypher a coded message on the board and finally we had a go at sending messages using a real morse code machine.

Our third lesson involved some proper code-breaking with us

learning about the Caesar Cypher.


We had a go at decyphering three different messages of varying

length and difficulty.

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