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Autumn Term


The children are settling in well and are enjoying a range of activities that have been on offer throughout their time spent in the nursery! We are adjusting to the routines in nursery and we are learning how to use the variety of resources within the setting.


Over the next half term we will be completing lots of getting to know you activities during our input time. These will include listening, turn taking, learning the names of other children and circle time activities. 


We will be creating self portraits over the next couple of weeks and we will be proudly displaying these in the nursery for everyone to see! So keep an eye out for these fantastic works of art!


Throughout this half term we will be learning about Elmer the Elephant. We will look at a range of Elmer books such as Elmer and Wilbur, Elmer and the Wind, Elmer and Rose as well as other exciting stories. 


We will also be talking about Autumn when the weather starts to change and we will be completing lots of autumn related activities.


Key Dates:

Friday 22nd September 17- |School closed for a Training Day

Monday 25th September 17- School closed for a Training Day

Thursday 19th October 17- Nursery finishes for Half Term

Friday 20th October 17- Nursery closed for a Training day