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Summer 2 - Moving Mountains


Moving Mountains

Put on your climbing shoes as there ‘Aint no mountain high enough’ that will keep us from completing this adventure!

We’ve received a letter from the zoo explaining there has been a terrible mix up! They were wanting to release different animals back to their mountainous habitats, but they sent them to the wrong place. It is our mission to collect the animals and take them to the correct mountains. We need to help Glen the Golden Eagle, Halyar the Honey Badger, Sreva the Snow Leopard, Daisy the Dassie and Sachi the Japanese Sarrow. Along the way, we will get the chance to explore different mountains and the countries that they’re in.

 Once we have rehomed all the animals, we hope to take you on a ‘hike’ with us up own very own mountain. Keep a look out for dates!

What songs will we sing along the way?

We have plenty of songs for us to sing while climbing the mountains:


Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain when She Comes 

River Deep Mountain High - Ike & Tina Turner

Climb Every Mountain - Sound of Music

The Climb - Miley Cyrus

Rocking All Over the World - Status Quo 


Can you think of any more? 

Ain't No Mountain High Enough


We received a letter from the zoo explaining there had been a terrible mix up! They were wanting to release 5 different animals back to their mountainous habitats but they sent them to the wrong place. Our mission is to collect the animals and take them to the correct mountains. Poor Glen the Golden Eagle didn’t even make it to his mountain. We needed to find out where he belongs. We had 5 options of the mountains, we needed to look at the facts of these mountains to help Glen decide where he needs to be.


We started by locating these mountains on a map so we know which continents and countries we’ll be heading to.


We decided Glen was best suited to Ben Nevis. We made a postcard to send to Chester Zoo to let them know where we had taken Glen. We drew the mountain with pastels and wrote down everything we’d learnt about it.


Glen took us on a tour of his new home. We saw Ben Nevis from a birds eye view as we soared around the Scottish mountains. We wrote a setting description.


Glen told us he loved the water here! We learnt all about how mountains play a big role in the water cycle. We pretended we were water drops and thought about what our journey must be like in the cycle.


We then wrote an advert to persuade more people to drink Highland Spring water! It was great fun tasting it, we could really see how much of a difference the mountain makes to making the water tasty.

 After we delivered Glen safely to Ben Nevis, we found another creature who seemed out of place. It was Halvar the honey badger. We worked out that he needed to be on Kilimanjaro. So we travelled all the way there and wrote our next postcard. We sketched the mountain and included facts.


We wanted to create a documentary all about Kilimanjaro, so we created a script for it.


We thought it was important to learn all about the different features of a mountain before we continued to our next destination.


We thought it would be fun to draw a picture of our new friend Halvar! We tried lots of different sketching techniques.


We then wrote a social media profile for him, as we found out that honey badgers are not as cute and as innocent as they seem!


Finally, we learnt about the Maasai warriors who live around the base of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. They taught us how to do their traditional jumping dance.

Next, we had to find Sreva the Snow leopard her home! We decided she was best suited to Mount Everest. We learnt lots of facts about her new home and created our next postcard. For the pictures, we used rubbings for natural items found outdoors.


We met some Sherpas and then led us up the mountain. It was very scary as we couldn’t see a thing. To make things worse, there was an earthquake! We wrote our experiences down in a diary.


Then we learnt all about mountain travel and how to do this safely. We also looked at how mountains encourage tourism and the impact of this.


After our traumatic experience, we wanted to create a safety poster for other people wanting to climb Mount Everest, to let them know what they were getting themselves into!


We were then asked to design some new footwear for mountain climbers. We had great fun and took part in our very own Dragons Den.