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Can you believe we are in the Summer term? We had such a lovely half term last term learning all about gardening and growing. We planted our own seeds and watched them grow, we also planted cress and tried it and we learnt all about beanstalks and what could be at the top of them! We had a great time. 


We are now very excited about our jungle journey and what is going to happen! We are excited to learn all about jungles, what lives there and what grows there! We are going to have a jungle role play area and our classroom is going to be full of our work. If you'd like to come and have a look, feel free! 


If you have any questions or queries please do come and speak to Mrs Gray, Mrs Caradice, Mrs Brown or Mrs Norton. 

We were so lucky this week as a lady from the RSPB came and talked to us about different wildlife who live in our Nursery garden. We listened to a story and then went outside. We were given a pot and had to work in partners to collect different dandelions, grass, leaves and mud. We then made our own home for different minibeasts as we learnt that they like the dark and the damp. We then got a magnifying glass each and searched for different bugs. We found ladybirds, spiders, minibeasts and ants. We had lots of fun!

Week 1

This week we are celebrating Easter and learning all about the Easter story and why it is important. We will try and retell the Easter story. 

We have made Easter buns using Rice Krispies, chocolate and mini eggs. We practised our fine motor skills by stirring the mixture and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the chocolate melt. 

We also went on an Easter egg hunt outside in the Nursery garden. We found lots of easter eggs and then counted them and practised our number recognition. We had lots of fun. We also made Easter cards to give to our families. We had lots of fun cutting and sticking and writing our names using our name cards. 
We had a Maths lesson and did an Easter egg counting activity. We counted objects and placed them on the correct number from a selection in front of us. This helped us with our number recognition. 
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We had a go at making Easter chicks. This was lots of fun. We used paint and then stuck on feathers for the wings and a beak and feet. They look really cute.