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This term is PE, we are learning how to play Tag Rugby.


Our PE lesson this week involved a couple of games which helped us practice skills for playing the game.


The first activity involved trying to grab the other players tag without losing your own, while the second activity involved practicing passing and catching a rugby ball. By the the end the lesson 10 balls were being passed around the circle!

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This week, able to get on the field, we practiced running with the ball, scoring and how to safely capture the opposing teams tags.

Once again on the field, we practiced passing the ball while evading the opposition in a game which resembled Piggy-in-the-Middle.

In today's Tag Rugby lesson, We played a bit of 2v2 with the aim of passing the ball 10 times while the opposing team try to the capture tags of whoever

held the ball.

National Fitness Day began with a whole school assembly, during which Mr Frankland had us up on our feet for a bit of Wake Up, Shake Up!


Later came our time-slot for even more exercise in the hall. Both Willow and Sycamore classes joined in for some circuit training in which each group had to work together to complete as many exercises as possible during the session.

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