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Adventure 3: A Whole New World

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Our new adventure certainly has started with a BANG! Upon hearing a loud crash from the playground, we all rushed outside to find something very unexpected...
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A damaged and deflated hot air balloon had crashed onto the playground but its pilot was nowhere to be found. The only clue as to the pilot was a note we found inside the balloons basket.
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Searching around school, we found the seven items that Barnaby Miles had lost from the balloon: a compass, a video-camera, a map, survival kit, a pair of binoculars, a postcard from New York and clips from a TV documentary.

These strange items piqued our curiosity and we began to wonder just who this Barnaby Miles could be...


Who do you think he might be?

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A letter from Barnaby was soon delivered to the school office setting us a new challenge...
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Because this was such a strange occurrence, we wrote newspaper articles for the Westwood Weekly describing just what had happened. Then, while we were writing the article, another letter from Barnaby arrived with even more exciting news!
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Accepting Barnaby's challenge and spurred on by the prospect of accompanying his on his round the world trip, we constructed a model of Barnaby's balloon using foil, straws and a plastic bag. Once completed, we then headed outside to test the balloons using birthday candles to heat the air and inflate the bag.
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After evaluating  the model balloons we made, we started to write instructions which we hoped might help Mr Myles repair his own balloon and therefore allow us to accompany him on the next leg of his journey: Russia.
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We also looked at some of the places Barnaby Myles had already visited when making his documentaries. Thinking it might help us on our adventure to Russia, we learned about Longitude and Latitude and, using an atlas, marked the locations of all the places Barnaby had been on our maps.
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Having helped Barnaby repair his balloon, we were soon accompanying him on the next leg of his round-the-world tour. When we finally landed in Moscow, Russia, we headed for Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral where we wrote a setting description and created a fantastic piece of artwork based on the spectacular cathedral.
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While in the Red Square, we filmed the first episode of A Whole New World! starring some Class 5/6W! Check out the episode below:

A Whole New World! Episode 1

When we were finished in Moscow, we set off towards our next destination: Tokyo, Japan! On the way, we flew over the Himalayas and so took the time to learn a few facts about the spectacular place.
To help us remember the facts about the Himalayas, we used a Burn 2 Learn.  Each group was given a jumbled up fact and had so sort the words back into the correct order. The task was made more challenging by having to stop whenever the music played and sing along to the song we have been learning this half term: A Whole New World from Aladdin.
To make these facts easier to present in the next episode, we wrote them into a short fact file about the colossal mountain range.
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Inspired by the beauty of the Himalayas, we decided to stop and wrote some poetry based on the mountains. As our next stop was to be Tokyo we decided we would try our hand at a Japanese style of poetry: Haiku.

Himalayan Haiku

Himalayan Haiku 1
Himalayan Haiku 2
Himalayan Haiku 3
Himalayan Haiku 4
Himalayan Haiku 5
Himalayan Haiku 6
Himalayan Haiku 7
Himalayan Haiku 8
Himalayan Haiku 9
Himalayan Haiku 10
Himalayan Haiku 11
Himalayan Haiku 12
Himalayan Haiku 13
Himalayan Haiku 14
Himalayan Haiku 15
Himalayan Haiku 16
Himalayan Haiku 17
Himalayan Haiku 18

As we take off, the strong winds blow us off course. Instead of Tokyo, we end up in nearby Nepal and decide to use the opportunity to learn about the local religion: Buddhism.

We began with a Burn 2 Learn to help us learn about Buddhism. The story of the Buddha was cut into sections and hidden around school near a picture of one of the Buddhist temples. We had to find the snippet of story and organize back into the right order - all in under 5 minutes!

To really reinforce the story in our minds, we acted out the story in our adventure groups:

The Story of Buddha - Part 1

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The Story of Buddha - Part 2

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The Story of Buddha - Part 3

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The Story of Buddha - Part 4

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