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Writing Buddies

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At Westwood, every child in school has a writing buddy. Once a half term the children meet up with their writing buddy to show them/read to them their favourite pieces of writing from that half term. We do this as we hope to create positive role models for the children to look up to (particularly for the boys), to boost engagement in writing and to give the children yet another reason to feel purpose for their writing.

After the children in Willow (who were paired with Ash) had met their Writing Buddies, they wrote letters to the younger ones telling them what a good time they had had and asking them a question.

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Just before we broke up for Christmas, Willow once again got to spend some time with their writing buddies.Taking their adventure books with them, the children showed their work to their partners even reading them some of the incredible things they had written.

In return, the children from Ash showed us their books.