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Spring 2: 'LEGO' Solve a Mystery!

At the start of our adventure we take the children up onto the field where we discover LEGO scattered in a heap.   We realise that a LEGO building which was standing there over the holidays has fallen down as the golden brick has been removed and is nowhere in sight – it has been stolen!  We must find the missing golden piece! On the field there will be several clues, can we work out who is the thief?


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On the school field we found a crime scene! We all became detectives, noting down the different evidence we found.

After finding clues linked to football, we decided to test our own football skills! We completed a range of football activities in the school hall, showing off our skills!

After finding clues leading to the character 'Brigg' from 'The Flower', we decided to plant our own seeds. We decided to plant our seeds in different conditions to test what conditions a plant will grow most successfully.

We had a fantastic time at the science fair, completing all of the different experiments. Thank you to all of the parents and family who came :)