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Please return your trip letter and money as soon as possible-Thank you!

Christmas party on Friday 8th December -Please bring food and party clothes to change into in the afternoon.

Term 2- Winnee the Witch!


This term the children will be helping Winnee the Witch in her potion shop making potions for the people who live in the town. The classroom has been transformed and our role play area has been turned into Winnee's house which is disguised as a Gingerbread house so that nobody knows she lives there! If you would like to read you child the Story 'Room on the Broom' this would support your child's learning. More information will be added as the adventure unfolds...

The children have really enjoyed our new adventure and have enjoyed meeting Winnee the with. The children explored all of Cat’s Wiskers town including the potion shop and Winnee’s house. The children have helped Winnee our in her shop making a potion for the dog from Funny Bones who broke his bones when he bumped into a tree! The children have also been thinking about their own bones and made some collages of the bones in their hands. The children have also helped Meg and Mog and she forgot how to fly her broomstick. The children have been writing some instructions to help Meg remember. 
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The enchanted forest adventure: 


The children have really enjoyed our adventure this term. It started of with the children becoming friends with Elmer as he was really sad he didn't have any friends. The children told Elmer all about themselves including painting pictures of themselves and their friends. They also told Elmer about the different fruits they liked by tasting them. Then we decided to go and look for some more friends in the forest and found Harry the Hippo stuck in the waterfall. The children pretended to be fireman, policeman and press and helped rescue the Hippo. The children also made signs to stop people entering the waterfall. The following week we found Gerry the Giraffe in the sand and we had to rescue her too! The children really enjoyed pretending to pull her out of the sand and rebuilding the wall! Now we had some friends it was time to organise Elmer's 5th birthday so we went to find the Gruffalo the best party planner in  the forest! We hunted around the school and still couldn't find him so we made some posters and pictures of him. Then he turned up in our classroom (Miss Rodgers dressed as him but we pretended he was really here) and we made lists of the things we needed to do including making lots of decorations and baking! We hope the Gruffalo won't eat it all! The children are really excited about Elmer's party on Wednesday 18th October and we are all going to wear fancy dress to. (See letter)


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Provision Term 1

The story -The enchanted forest

Phonic's books

The children have been given small green phonic's books and each week I will date the new sounds the children have learnt. They can then practice reading the sound and writing the sounds in the book and you could use some spare paper to for extra practice. I would suggest repeating all the sounds previously learnt each week to ensure the children retain the knowledge and suggest doing this around three times a week. 

Phonic's groups


The children will be grouped this term based on their phonic's assessment this will ensure your child's teaching is tailored to your child's needs and ensure they make continued progress. If you have any questions about your child's progress with phonics or would like some extra support please ask at parent's evening. 

Our first week...


I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to your child’s first year at school. We have had a fantastic first week and the children are all settling in really well. This week the children have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment. The children have particularly enjoyed the vet role play area looking after all the poorly animals. They have also enjoyed learning in the outdoor area and using our new grassed area.


Daily running


Everyday we will be doing 10 minutes of running with the children to help them with their fitness. We will be moving for 10 minutes each day. The children can chose the speed which they move around the playground but we encourage all children to carry on moving even if they just walk.



Tuesday mornings-P.E


On a Tuesday morning the children will do P.E with Mr Ogden following the real P.E curriculumn. The children will do music with Mrs Oats this will involve exploring different ways of playing an instrument. The children will also have the opportunity to play some of the instruments. 


Key dates:



  • Wednesday 1st November- The Halloween Disco- please leave your child's costume on their peg in the morning and purchase their tickets on the Wednesday morning. 
  • Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th November Parent's evening- please see me if you need to make an appointment. 

Class RR timetable:


  • P.E is on a Tuesday morning- please bring your child's P.E kit and place it on their peg.
  • Please bring your child's book and record diary back on a Thursday. 
  • Star of the Week and Work of the Week is given out every Friday.
Please could I ask that all parent's put their child's name in all their uniform and P.E kit.