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Burn 2 Learn

In order to improve our learning, we have begun to use Burn 2 Learns in various lessons. This involves using physical activity to help us learn. Here are just a few of the Burn 2 Learns we have used so far:

March and Match

Marching, moving and dancing around our tables, whenever the music stopped we had to try to match up some tricky vocabulary with their definitions but we had to be quick. We didn't have long before the music started up again and we had to be back moving!
Using cryptic picture clues, we had to search school for anagrams of items that were rationed during World War 2 and, upon finding them, unscramble them to find the answers.
Using clues, we had to find a number of fraction, decimal and percentage questions hidden around school. Once we had found the questions we had to answer them to earn points  (5, 10 or 15) depending on how hard the question was and how hard they were to find. To make it even more of a challenge we only had 10 minutes!
A scavenger hunt around the school and the grounds to find the appropriate prepositions indicating where things were in relation to each other.

Musical Punctuation

Similar to musical chairs, each group had to correctly punctuate a paragraph but whenever the Mayan music played they had to stop what they were doing and do star jumps, squats, sit-ups or even press-ups until the music finished.

Spelling Tennis

Working in pairs, the children had to use their spelling knowledge to 'hit' letters back and forth to spell out words.
Working in groups, the children had to match up figurative language (such as similies, metaphors and personification) with an explanation and an example but only one person from each team could get up to go and find the appropriate piece of paper.

Language Throw

As we passed a beanbag to each other, we had to give an example of a piece of language. We played using verbs, adverbs and adjectives.


We also use Burn 2 Learns in reading lessons. This time we had a text which had been cut up and we had to work out what order the paragraphs came in but whenever the music started we had to stop and exercise!