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Summer 1 - Egypt Explorers

Egypt Explorers

We see a breaking news headline saying that all the important artefacts from the British Museum have been stolen! We decided that we must help bring back these ancient artefacts so we hop into our TARDIS and travel right back to ancient civilisation of Egypt. Come with us as we explore this ancient land. We will learn about the pyramids and their tombs, mummification, mythology, Egyptian life and The River Nile.


Of course our song this adventure is "Walk Like an Egyptian". 


Learn the lyrics and the dance moves below! 

Walk Like an Egyptian

We heard about a breaking news headline that all the important artefacts from the British Museum had been stolen! We decided we must help bring back these ancient artefacts. So we hop into our Tardis and travel right back to the ancient civilisation of Egypt.

As our journey was a long one we made a few stops along the way and created a timeline to remember where we’d been.

We then arrived and stepped out of the Tardis to find we were stuck in a pyramid! Loads of traps had been set so we had to avoid them all and make sure we didn’t sink in the sinking sand! We even had to run away from a boulder!
To celebrate that we avoided all of the traps, we learnt the dance moves to “Walk like an Egyptian.”

As we are now archaeologists, we wanted to write a diary about everything that had happened. The pyramid was now safe as all the traps had been set off already, so we were able to explore the tombs. We looked at different pictures and wrote down adjectives to help us describe what we could see. We knew we needed to learn more about where we were, so we created a map of Egypt to help us navigate around the country.