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Today in Maths we are carrying on with adding different amounts together.


GP:  1. Find the total cost of the items. 2. Find the cost if you were buying the item twice.


Workbook sheet: Fill in the blanks using the prices of each item. 


Complete the 4x  table sheet and record your time! See if you can beat it later in the week.


Today we are going to look at answering questions that require us to use our opinion a bit more!


'Author and me': Why do you think the author has chosen to do this/that?


'On my own': What would you do? Have you ever seen like this before?


Answer both types of questions.


Use the text to help you!


So far this week you have:


Had a special message from a movie director asking him to write the story for his film (The Wishgranter.)

Looked at the different features of a story and how to write a story (The opening, build up, problem, resolution and closing.)

Watched the 'Wishgranter'

Wrote a 'Story map' of the Wishgranter.


Today you are going to write the opening paragraph of the story (The opening and build up). In this paragraph you need to:


Describe the main characters (The Wishgranter and the two adults.) What are their names? What do they do?

Describe the setting, what happens at this setting? Why do people visit it?


Underneath, there is a document you can use which is a list of fantastic adjectives to describe characters. There is also a list of adjectives to describe the setting, use them!


In RE, we are looking at different religious ceremonies and in particular weddings! For today's task you need to:


Go through the powerpoint which explains different religious weddings.

Fill out the worksheet on different weddings.


If you can't access the powerpoint, there is an information poster on each wedding you can use to fill the worksheet in.