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Autumn 2 Adventure - Time Travelling Ted

We are at a Car Boot Sale and meet a teddy called Ted.

We met Ted and asked him lots of questions so we could know all about him and be his friend. We then wrote some fantastic character descriptions about him.

We needed to make sure lots of people went to the car boot sale to buy Ted so he would get a new home. We wrote some super adverts to tell people all about the Car Boot Sale. Thankfully it worked and a little boy called Sam bought Ted and brought him home.

Ted doesn't feel like he belongs in Sam room. In RE we find out how Christians feel that they belong to their church. We looked at the different symbols the Christians use and then came up with our own symbols to help Ted feel part of our Class and Family.

Ted would like to know about where he came from. Barbie explains that she can help. She has a time travelling app on her phone. She offers to take Ted back in time to find out where he comes from. We press the button on the app! As we are travelling through time the world around us looks very different, just like the surreal world created by the artist Salvador Dali. In Art we looked at his paintings and learned about creating shade by using different grades of pencils.

As we are traveling back in time with Ted and Barbie they brought us lots of different toys. In History wWe looked and played with them all and then decided if they were toys from the past or the present. To help us, we used our knowledge from Science about different materials. We looked at the material each toy was made from and the condition they were in.

We travel back with Ted and Barbie to the year 2000. We land in Mario Land. We need to get to Yoshi as he knows how to get us out of the game but how are we going to get past all of these cars?

Mario tells us that Yoshi will be able to help us get out of the game. We decide to write a letter to Yoshi asking him for help.

To get past all the cars Yoshi tells us that we need to join the race.In DT we investigated the different part of a car and then design our own.

Then we made our cars, here are some of our fantastic cars.

We get to the end of the race and Yoshi tells us to use the Time Travelling App again. Ted and Barbie press it and find themselves in a shop in the 1990's. There they meet some cheeky Furby's that are causing lots of trouble in the shop. Ted and Barbie decide that they want to help.

Ted tells the Furbies that there are lots of fun things they can do to make them special. In PSHCE the children discussed all the different ways they are special and then drew a fantastic poster to show off what makes them unique.

Ted is starting to miss Sam. He tried to write a letter to Sam but he finds writing really difficult, so the children offer to write the letter for him.

Ted gets put on a shelf with lots of other teddies. We sort the teddies so we can find Ted. Whilst sorting the teddies we find out that they come from different times in history. We use a timeline and place them along it.

Ted presses the button again and we travel back to the 1980's. We arrive in a car park where toy transformers are fighting. Ted and Barbie need to find a way to stop the Transformers from fighting. How can they do this?

To stop the Transformers from fighting, we teach them how to have a 'Dance Battle'. Here are some of the instruction we wrote.

We tried out our dance moves before writing the instructions for the Transformers.

It is cold and wet in the car park we have arrived in. The children want to make an umbrella for Ted. In Science we investigated different materials we could use to make it from. The children planned and carried out a fair test to see which materials absorb water and which repelled it.

To make the umbrella fabric waterproof for Ted, we tested a wax coating. We added 1, 2 and 3 layers of wax to our fabric to investigate how many layers is needed to waterproof the fabric.

We used our results from our Scientific experiments to choose our materials to make our umbrellas in DT. We added 3 layers of wax to the umbrella to improve their water resistence. We used different attaching methods to attach the spokes and handle.

Whilst in the car park with the Transformers the weather is very stormy. In Art we used blending techniques with oil pastels to add black to darken colours and add mood to our pictures.

Ted and Barbie press the button again and find themselves in the 1970's in an arcade. There they meet some very cute pet rocks.

The Pet Rock told us all about their journey to get to the arcade from the cold mountains, through the jungle and finally ending up on the beach. We enjoyed the story so much the children decided to write a diary about the Pet Rocks adventure.

This week we have travelled back to the 1970's. We meet a Pet Rock who tells us all about her life. Ted thinks Sam would love to have a pet rock so we decide to make one too. First we make a dough and shape it to however we want our pet rock to look.

Once the dough had dried we painted and decorated our pet rocks.

We wrote instructions to give to Sam so he can make his own pet rock.

The Pet Rocks tell Ted and Barbie that if they want to know anything about a toy the best person to ask is Santa. So Ted and Barbie travel to the North Pole to meet him.

We have travelled to Santa's workshop. There are so many things the see! The children worked in pairs to find 5 different things and come up with adjectives to describe them.

We met a little elf called Elfie. She is having to work extra hard because all the other elves are sick. To help her, in DT we designed toys for her and wrote some fantastic descriptions about them.

Elfie is exhausted from all the extra work. We acted out all the things she has to do, like cleaning the reindeers, shovelling the snow, giving medicine to the sick elves. Then we wrote a letter to Santa to ask him if he could help Elfie somehow.

We have met lots of different people during our adventure. In PSHE we looked at strangers and discussed safe and not safe strangers. The pupils then sorted pictures in to safe and not safe. After we talked about each picture and why it was or was not safe.

In RE we found out about how Christians celebrate Christmas. We learnt about the advent wreath and how Christians light a candel each week in the lead up to Christmas and what they represent.

We had a fantastic time learning all our lines and songs for our Christmas Performance. We learnt about the Nativity story and acted it out to our family and friends.