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Wednesday 27th January

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Good morning! Below is today's outline. I will also be beginning wellbeing phone calls today for children working from home. The call will come from a NO CALLER ID and I will start those after Guided Reading at 10.45am. Looking forward to catching up with everyone again!


Please remember spelling test will be during writing tomorrow - make sure you're practicing those spellings at home!


Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today, we're going to think about our prediction skills again with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In the live lesson, we'll look at a variety of different front covers to the books in the series and compare them. We'll then use the covers to predict what antics Greg might get up to in the other books in the series.


Science - anytime

Below there are 2 links to YouTube videos for today's science. You need to watch PART 1 first and you'll need a body outline which you can draw on paper or download on this page. Watch the video and all of the instructions are explained really clearly. You need to draw the bones on the body and label them. 


Then watch PART 2 and for that you'll need the skeleton diagram. We're then going to use the proper scientific names for the bones and label our skeleton.


Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

We're going to start writing our instructions today. In the live lesson, we'll recap the features and things we need for instructions and then we'll start to think about writing our introduction. Remember, an introduction should as a question and it gives the reader a bit of a clue as to what is going to happen in the text. I'll show you my introduction and we'll discuss questions and bullet points.


Then, complete the short SPAG activities below and then write your introduction and equipment list ONLY!


Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

We're moving on to column subtraction method today. We'll practice the number line method and the column method in the live lesson and then there are a few to have a go at below as well as a video reminding you of the methods.


Please watch this part first and complete the activity on your classes page on the school website.


Make sure you have watched part 1 first!