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Curriculum Character

Meet ? (name to be decided soon...)

? lives at home with his mum (Addition), dad (Subtraction) and sister (Multiplication-who is the complete opposite to ?). He’s a sharing, caring type who has always loved numbers! Since the moment he learnt how to count, ? has been counting objects wherever he goes and telling anybody who’ll listen how many more or less there is of each object. Every time he walks up and down the stairs, ? counts them or sings the multiples of different numbers. If there is something to count, then ? is going to count it!


?’s favourite thing to do is riding his scooter. At the skate park, ? describes the tricks he can do by explaining the angles of the turns or measuring how high he has jumped. He often has competitions with his friends, and he is the one to keep a record of the height of the jumps in a table then tells everyone which position they came in. When the competition is finished, ? always makes sure he shares his sweets equally with his friends, and if there’s any remainders, he takes them home for his sister.


? is allowed to go the skate park without his parents, but he has to make sure he is home on time. He checks his watch regularly and works out how much time he has left. He knows it takes 10 minutes to walk home, so he always makes sure he sets off at the right time. If the weather is bad, ? stays home and enjoys making pictures using 2D shapes or models with 3D shapes. His favourite thing to make is a robot using a cube for its head and cylinders for arms.


?’s mum and dad give him pocket money each week. Whenever he receives it, he saves a percentage and plots how much he has saved on a line graph. He’s saving up for a new scooter, so his graph helps him calculate how far off his target he is and how many more weeks he’ll have to keep saving for (not long now, ?).


? is a great problem solver-he’s always looking for different ways of getting to the bottom of a problem and explaining his reasons for this. Everyday, ? is finding a new use for his number knowledge and enjoys building on what he already knows.